Website Hosting may only play a small role in a website's SEO but it can be crucial

Reliable hosting is a must for your business website
Down time should be very minimal if at all!

Web Hosting the facts

As mentioned elsewhere in this site if you were running Google or looking to re-design the world wide web one of the factors you would be most concerned with would be speed. Website's that load quickly and aim to be efficient are in everyone's interest in helping the internet remain a useable entity.

Website Hosting may only play a small part in the SEO algorithm but in terms of speed it makes sense to have your web server based in the same country as the majority of the website's users. So for a UK based business having UK based servers is a big advantage.

Although data travels quickly it is obvious the distance to a UK city is far less than an American, Russian or even Eastern City and therefore page load times and requests are sped up ever so slightly. Also it is common sense a user searching for a service in London is more likely to want to look at a business website from a company offering that service with their web hosting also in London as the likelyhood is the search will be more relevant.

When choosing a web hosting company "cheap" should not be your first criteria. Many of these cheap hosting companies have servers based in 3rd world locations where they can run and operate them at reduced costs. Stability can be an issue and in the worst case if there is a problem contacting a foreign call centre can lead to massive inconvenience and stress. Location and reliability of hosting should be of paramount importance way before cost.

Web Hosting - reliable and fit for task is the main goal, not how cheap can i get website hosting”

Website Hosting Custom error pages

When it comes to website SEO one of things to mention is custom error pages. Always ensure your web hosting company supports custom error pages. Over time you will gain inbound links to various pages in your site. If you perform a site redesign and one of these pages no longer exist the link will become dead unless a custom error page exists.

The custom error page can be used to display a current active mini site map and be displayed in result of server errors. You can perform basic SEO for this page and although the dead links may drop down the search results at least they may last especially if users continue to navigate your updated business website.

DeGal SEO Our Web Hosting

DeGal SEO are a reseller for a major UK web hosting supplier that has UK Based servers and very reliable platforms. As your hosting provider is also responsible for things like your email hosting, although not related to SEO a reliable email system is a necessity for any business website.

We aim to provide our hosting at a very competitive rate and also the advantage of this is you have a point of contact that can deal with any issues quickly and efficiently. We will upload website's we have modified for SEO purposes to your own servers but we can't be held responsible if the hosting service does not fulfill your companies requirements.

As a reseller we have access to full features that will not be available within the price of the basic packages you could purchase direct. By the time you add these features you will find that the annual cost is more than you initially thought and realise the value for money hosting DeGal SEO offer.

Unlike some cheap web hosting companies we do not impose any limits to traffic or data transfer to your server - watch out for these hidden costs!

DeGal SEO Hosting

UK Based Servers // Reliable Uptime
Custom Error Pages // No traffic limits

We will happily take care of web hosting and domain registration and renewal for you. As per our terms of conditions you remain the owner of your website at all times.

We only register domains in your name so you are the legal owner of all your domains that we host. Beware other companies offering free website's and web hosting to you only to retain ownership of your domain with the power to do what they want with it at any time!
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