Title Tag's are the individual descriptions you supply for each of your page titles

Every web page within your site should have a unique page title.
The <title> tag is placed in the <head> section of your web page coding

Correctly descriptive title tags aid in your SEO performance

The goal of the title tag is to provide a relevant and accurate title for the web pages content. This should quickly and concisely summarise the main content of your web page with an appropriate description.

The biggest error DeGal SEO see in title attempts is the use of generic web page descriptions. These don't provide the levels of detail needed to distinguish your web pages from the countless others utilising the same generic page title.

Title Tag's - Title tag descriptions should be well thought. They can make all the difference between the search engines receiving your sites content in a positive manner or not”

An example of this is when most website's have the home page title as <title>Home Page</title>
Yes the page is the home page but then so are literally millions of other website's. How is your home page any different to all these others?
Our own home page title is <title>DeGal SEO Search Engine Optimisation Specialists</title> which quickly introduces the page to our company name and a summary of what the whole website and our company are all about.

Other examples of overused generic title tags - Contact Us Page | About Us Page | Learn More Page - Also some CMS systems and DIY website's will have page titles such as Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 which are totally non descriptive and bad for SEO efforts.

Title Tag Length limits

Although there is no set in stone limit to the title tag, remember you are providing it as a summary to the page content so ensure it stays relevant to this. Certain browsers do have restrictions on how many characters they can display in the title bar and if you exceed this your title will be cut short and not displayed in full.

The w3c page (2nd link on the right) recommends a title length of 64 characters but this article does date back more than 10 years now and web browsers have come a long way since then!

Experience and common sense should be your guide here and remember you are creating your titles to aid real human visitors first and foremost - not as a method to manipulate SERP results although an experienced SEO expert will kill both birds with the same stone.

Keywords in title tags for SEO

It stands to reason if the page title is meant to summarise the page content and the page content has been reflected to provide relevant content with a few keywords it should be pretty easy and natural to ensure your keyword(s) can easily be incorporated within your title.

If you find yourself struggling to work out how to fit keywords in then we would say you have not optimised your page content in the first place or your original title isn't reflecting this optimised content.

Title Attributes are a powerful SEO tool as the title attribute is applicable to all a web page's internal and external active link descriptions

Every single active link on your web page can and should be given
a descriptive and informative title attribute description
for standards compliance

Creating SEO friendly Title Tags

Every single active link on your web site - including menu links - can have an additional title attribute description placed into its coding. This link is again designed primarily for user accessability as it provides a further descriptive link to all links.

When the web visitor holds their mouse over the active link most web browsers will show this additional title attribute description so you are able to provide slightly more information on what the user will get if they click the link.

Title Attribute's - Title attribute descriptions do take time to get right. External link titles are easier to do in the first case. For internal link descriptions you have to ensure site wide optimisation of all your web pages first before you can create the most appropriate title attribute descriptions for all corresponding internal links”

We recommend optimising all link titles to reflect the main content of the linked page itself. By doing this you are aiding all physical human visitors by providing them more information on what they will get when they click your link, plus you are providing the search engines with more information on the linked pages content.

Title Element's a Warning

A lot of cheap and ready made website's will not contain title element's as part of their internal link structure or they will have generic, non search engine optimised descriptions eg a contact page link might have the title element "contact us" - although there is nothing wrong with this and it is accurate it could be improved on from a search engine optimisation perspective...

As you can see from our own contact page menu link above our title is "Contact DeGal SEO for any of your Search Engine Optimisation needs" - this is relevant to human visitors as it accurately reflects our seocontact.html page (note the slight variation on the in page link to provide further reference to the page).

From a SEO view our main menu description includes our main keyword and keyword term - SEO & Search Engine Optimisation within the link title element description.

Many SEO companies or inexperienced web coders will not even use the title elements and when they do they will see an opportunity to keyword stuff. This is not a good working practice as it is not providing any benefit to either human or spider visitors and is definitely considered a black hat technique by the search engines so is something your web site search engine positioning could suffer from.

Remind yourself of other SEO Black Hat Techniques to avoid here

Correctly Using Title Tags & Title Elements for successful SEO

spend the time to think about providing concise, accurate
descriptive title descriptions reflecting your link pages content

Title tags are also displayed to web visitors in certain browsers when the cursor is held over the image. Internet Explorer is an example so this provides you with an ideal opportunity to summarise what the link will mean to web visitors who click it, helping to prevent in non relevant content being displayed to them.

DeGal SEO have a large number of sites we are actively optimising and we stay on top of all information released from the search engines regarding best practices. By all means contact us for examples of our previous SEO work for businesses.

We believe in transparency and happily reveal most of the methods we adhere to when undertaking SEO work within this site. Once you hire us as SEO consultants we will keep you fully informed of all our actions and provide ongoing reports and assistance as required so you can be safe in the knowledge we only utilise white hat methods.

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