Search Engine Optimisation is affected by HTML & CSS Based standards compliant coding!

How your website is coded affects your SEO. Your website
should be coded with Search Engine placement firmly in mind

Why is HTML & CSS based web coding good for my SEO and how does this affect my sites Search Engine performance.

Before delving into website coding it is best to quickly summarise the goal of "the internet" as a whole. If you were creating the internet from scratch you would wish for everything to be standard across the whole web.

Unfortunately the internet has evolved and developed and rather like the human race we now have a number of different "nationalities" - as the world would be easier with one standard language the web would equally benefit from this also, however it is a jumble of programming languages with people choosing what is best for them as coders as opposed to what is best for the clients business website.

As a non technical person choosing the right company for your business website can be hit and miss, especially if all you are looking at is the finished website and you don't understand the coding behind what you are seeing.

The main languages and coding styles website's are currently created in are

  • HTML which can comprise CSS or Table based design
  • PHP Scripting
  • Flash Programming

Standards Compliant HTML & CSS based coding is currently the best option when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. This style of coding separates the content from the design elements. Pages are created with the code for the content and then a single CSS file is attached via the <head> section of the web page.

CSS -Stands for Cascading Style Sheet and is a single file that applies site wide information to servers to determine how a page should be displayed. As it is an external file it only needs to be loaded once and every subsequent page within a site then already has the coding information to hand speeding up the time it takes to display the web page”

This style of coding ensures your website is visible to all users including disability access as it is easier for each user to alter the web pages appearances to suit their needs eg some viewers will be viewing the site in increased font size or via an external page speaker and through Standards Compliant HTML & CSS based website coding you are ensuring the site will perform for all users.

Table based HTML Design

This is a very outdated method of coding and results in increased page sizes and load times as the majority of coding concerns the display of the site not the content.

This is characterised by plenty of coding that looks like the following

<td colspan="2"> <img src="images/index23.jpg width="205" height="151"></td>
<td colspan="3"> <img src="images/index24.jpg width="205" height="151"></td>

Website's coded via table based design are not very accessable to certain disability user groups. The majority of coders also display content via images as opposed to body text so on top of slow load times you also have no content the search engines can actually see and index.

Flash Programming Based Website Design

Flash was a language developed originally by Macromedia but now owned by Adobe. It allows for some truly great looking website's as it is a programming language that allows for complex actions and animations yet as a computer coding language it is very economical.

You will have no doubt come across these sites as they look very "flash" and will have animation and graphics at nearly every move or click of your mouse. Also characterised by the initial "load period" as the whole site is downloaded to your computer to run as a programme on your local machine.

If you are concerned with Search Engine positioning then the bad news is although Flash by far produces the best looking website's as the whole content is held within the flash programming your whole website will only provide one link for Google to index!

This point is worth stressing - Flash website's provide NO CONTENT to search engines and as a result unless you are a very well established company with many inbound links or competing in a very minor industry your website will struggle to make any impact on the search engine rankings.

We do use Flash within our website's calling on the swfobject.js method to embed via standards compliant code (link to this is to the right in the resources section) - this also allows us to provide an alternative content for people who don't allow Flash or have scripting blocked and more importantly to also give the search engines at least a clue as to the Flash content.

In summary the less Flash you use the better - remember all Flash content will pretty much be non indexable and invisible to search engines.

PHP Scripting

PHP Scripting is a programming language. It is commonly used where server side actions are required such as in Content Management Systems (CMS) where by an authorised user can create dynamic content and update the website from any available internet connected computer or console.

PHP Scripting is integrated into HTML scripting with the PHP element controlling the actions required from the coding. Blogging CMS Systems such as Wordpress utilise this technology although the latest sites are getting more search engine friendly they still cannot out perform a plain HTML / CSS based code design.

Standards Compliant Website Coding

Hopefully by now you will have a stronger understanding of the coding options available for your website and their strengths and weaknesses. While nothing can beat an outright site wide re-code results have been achieved just by re-designing the home page of a website to be standard compliant HTML & CSS coding.

If you really must have an all singing, all dancing flash website for your main company site why not consider smaller SEO website's optimised for certain keywords and search terms to gain the search engine natural positions and then divert traffic to your flash based site as part of your SEO campaign?

Further Web Coding Resources

Below are a few free resources you can use when searching
for your chosen keywords if you wish to do this yourself

Contracting DeGal SEO to undertake your HTML & CSS based website coding is one step in ensuring you have a standards compliant, highly search engine optimised business website.

Our coding is best for static website's as each and every page of the site is finely tuned to ensure the best in coding practices are applied and every element is done to fully enhance the SEO potential of each page and the website as a whole.

We can also provide CMS (Content Management Systems) for businesses that wish to have control over their own website content, although from a SEO point of view all content would need to be added with careful consideration if Search Engine Performance was of importance to your business.

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