Social Media Marketing as part of the SEO strategy of your business website

Social media marketing and advertising can work as a stand alone
discipline but combining this with your SEO efforts can really produce results!

Is Social Media Marketing part of Search Engine Optimisation?

Social media marketing is now a term generally accepted by people as a valid area to target. Historically SEO and Social Media Marketing have been 2 very distinct fields. With the growth of social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter it has got to the point where you really can't consider one without the other!

Within social media marketing any website or application that encourages user participation/community involvement is deemed social media. This can cover everything from the well known Facebook, YouTube, MySpace to the lesser know blogs and forums.

Social Media Marketing - once your on site SEO is fully complete a good last and complimentary step for your SEO strategy is to employ a SMM campaign”

Now to relate social media to SEO goes back to the idea of relevant content. If the search engines decide one of these blogs or social networks have relevant and unique content it is going to be indexed. If within this relevant or unique content there are then links back to yourself or your company you are going to be gaining credibility plus you may also find your social media presence with the SERP results actually helps with securing more of the top SERP's for your business related Search Engine searches.

SEO within Social Media Marketing

The goal of your SEO within all area's of social media marketing is to reinforce people's beliefs and understanding of your company and the services you offer. By making it clear what you are about you are effectively advertising yourself at all times and increasing the likelyhood of links to your company and relevant traffic.

The viral marketing affect of a good SMM campaign can lead to many relevant inbound links that play a small role in helping your own website's SEO efforts.

Social Media Marketing to Complement SEO efforts

When implementing a SMM strategy you must have an understanding of the cross implications to any website SEO campaign and ensure they compliment each other. As most social media platforms are about users contributing bear in mind what you intend as a positive attempt of marketing can quite easily provide a negative web presence for your business or product so enter the social media world fully aware and prepared!

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

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