SEO Strategy is about clearly working towards the goal of top natural search engine ranking

The goal of all website SEO marketing is top natural search engine
ranking for all chosen keywords and other related keyword search terms

SEO Strategies the basics

Any competent SEO Company will spend time getting to know your business and it's goals before embarking on any SEO work. It is crucial to understand what part you require your business website to play in your overall marketing strategy.

Once we understand the best role of your business website we can work on implementing a strong and targeted SEO marketing strategy to help achieve these goals and strive on towards the next ones!

Depending on the requirements there may be a single SEO strategy that is established and followed or there may be complimentary SEO strategies to meet different timescale based goals.

The thing to understand with SEO is no results can be guaranteed within any set timeframe. Any company that categorically guarantees top organic search ranking is taking a risk or plainly misleading you. SEO companies can point to previous success stories and examples but each case is it's own and there is no 100% guarantee.

That said in most cases it is possible through competitor competition analysis to predict how easy or hard it will be to break into those page 1 natural search listings. In relatively non competitive sectors results can be achieved in a matter of weeks as opposed to months or even years in high competition sectors.

Our personal record has been 2 days before a website started sending keyword targeted traffic and this was mainly due to the fact it was a website re design and re code and through submitting an updated site map to Google the site was crawled within 24 hours of the work being completed and immediately updated in Google's index against the keyword terms!

SEO Strategy - the difference in your business website being a successful business marketing tool increasing your business revenue and leading to business prosperity is whether you have a meticulous planned SEO Strategy or not”

Does my business website need a SEO Strategy?

Without a doubt yes! A SEO strategy is the only way to ensure you take ownership of your business website's performance in the search engines. If you are looking for return on investment from your internet based marketing then SEO marketing strategies are fundamental.

The most important general SEO Strategy

There is much debate about which main SEO tactic is the most important general website SEO strategy.

  • Keyword choice and text content
  • Site Architecture and structure both on a web page and a site wide basis
  • Inbound link popularity and relevance

The truth is the top two of these SEO elements could arguably classed as important as each other when they are both optimised well. One without the other will never yield as good a result.

Our advice is be wary of companies that only undertake keyword research, modify your company website's meta tags and then add's one or two <h1> style heading tags stuffed with these keywords! This does not constitute a thorough SEO strategy and you generally pay far more than you should for this relatively basic SEO service! Worst case scenario is this could actually end up harming your website's performance in organic search results!

SEO Strategy Case Study

Here we detail the SEO strategy DeGal SEO used on our
clients (wedding) dress shop to achieve top SEO rankings

Originally Fross Wedding Collections had the below website based on the domain

Fross Wedding Collections original website

The site was optimised for the term wedding collections and hardly appeared on any organic searches related to wedding dresses.

Locally the shop was referred to as Fross or Fross's and googling "fross" would not bring up the website unless wedding collections was also added.

Immediately we undertook keyword research and discovered the high volume search terms were "wedding dress" or "wedding dresses". These are highly competitive generic terms but the long term goal was to rank in the top natural search rankings on these keyword terms.

Short term we had to address the issue with the use of Fross as a keyword. The decision was taken to move the site to the new domain name of

This was to keep the site relevant for any wedding collections search and provide consistency with the old site whilst tackling the issue of Fross as a keyword.

Mid term we looked at securing top natural search positions for the dresses and accessories the shop stocks especially for geographic searches targeting Sussex or East Sussex.

Long term goal is for top natural searches for non geographic searches although as the shop doesn't offer mail order dresses this is not a business necessity as the increase in traffic will not lead to an increase in sales unless people are prepared to travel in person to Uckfield.

Fross Wedding Collections website traffic for July 2009 to July 2010

The above is a snapshot of the Google Analytics data for the previous year. It shows a successful site with nearly 50000 annual visits. 31580 of these visits were via search engines which was 66% of all traffic - You can see the importance of SEO Strategies now!

Out of these search engine visits 27285 came from Google which is a massive 86% off all search engine traffic! The previous years performance was nearly 80% up on the previous year.

This demonstrates the importance of continually monitoring and responding to your website traffic data. By constantly working on SEO via a specific and detailed SEO Strategy we have been able to continually increase the amount and quality of traffic to the site.

As a special note the main optimised keyword term of "wedding dresses" returned the following stats over the previous 3 month period.

Fross Wedding Collections Wedding Dresse Keyword performance for 3 months to July 2010

By reading these statistics we can tell that the site is accurately optimised for Wedding Dresses searches. The pages per visit is an impressive 10.86 on average so it shows the visitors are finding the site relevant to their "wedding dress" search. They are staying on the site for 4 minutes which shows we are also holding their interest and they are taking in content. The majority of visits so the website is constantly exposing Fross Wedding Collections to new customers.

In the previous 3 months Fross's website has attracted clicks for 2842 unique keywords and keywords search terms. These are real life search engine searches and the shear variation of these terms demonstrates how highly optimised the site is. The SEO strategy put in place nearly 2 years ago is now bearing it's fruit whilst also constantly improving the website's performance.

DeGal are proud to say we work with Fross Wedding Collections across the complete business marketing strategy taking care of all aspects of marketing the company. If an honest testimonial is needed then by all means please contact Fross direct for her opinion on DeGal based services!

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