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Our Services can be split into 2 easily to understand categories
SEO On SIte Optimisation and Off Site Optimisation

On Site Search Engine Optimisation Services

Off Site Search Engine Optimisation Services

DeGal SEO provide the complete range of SEO services

We cut out the SEO advice that simply isn't relevant and focus on giving you a professional service from the view of what the Search Engine's require whilst ensuring your site is equally as optimised and suitable as a business tool for your business.

Don't think how much will it cost think how much will it generate me in extra business! With some industry contracts being work in excess of £100k the SEO outlay suddenly doesn't seem so bad especially when the multiple contracts start rolling in!


New for 2010 DeGal SEO are offering
you a free web site analysis

Free basic web site Search Engine Optimisation analysis

A basic Web SEO Analysis for FREE - this will look at your current web site and give you a snap shot of how well optimised for the search engines your site currently is.

This report also includes a brief look at current keyword optimisation and current search engine ranking for these.

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Our popular, professional web site analysis report.
Professional Search Engine Optimisation can lead to massive ROI (return on investment)
- at only £100 this service is crucial!

Free basic web site Search Engine Optimisation analysis

If you are serious about your web site Search Engine Performance then why not select our full report option.

This will look at many aspects of your web sites performance including both on site and off site optimisation factors.

The report will be delivered in "Plain English" enabling anyone to understand the actions that need doing to result in top natural search engine positioning's.


Contracting DeGal SEO to undertake your web sites SEO work is your guarantee of the very best possible when it comes to optimising your business web site.

We believe in transparency and happily reveal most of the methods we adhere to when undertaking SEO work for your business within this website and when undertaking your website optimisation we detail every step we take to you.

Just because you are aware of the ingredients doesn't make you a top chef - the skill is how you use and develop the ingredients so we happily reveal the elements safe in the knowledge it's how you use them that really counts.

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