DeGal SEO list some of the most common Search Engine Optimisation pitfall's companies fall in to

There is so much confusing SEO advice out there that it is easy to do
something you think is beneficial when in reality it is non effective at best

The Most 13 Common SEO Pitfall's

  1. Your Website Domain Name - this is one of the biggest tools when optimising well and although not rocket science picking the best domain name for SEO angles is crucial if you are attempting to get a new site into the SERP's. Choosing a totally non related domain name to your business or service is a SEO opportunity missed
  2. SEO as a Website Design afterthought - Designing your website and then thinking about SEO. Good on site SEO begins in the structural planning of the website as a whole and then on individual page structuring and link architecture
  3. Poor Website Coding - The best content can be let done by poor content delivery - you wouldn't try and eat soup with a fork, if your website content is your soup how do you want people to eat it - yes a spoon will do the job but why not ensure the best experience by giving it to them from a soup spoon... (as for Flash as a full website coding language it's probably the SEO equivalent of trying to eat soup with a non absorbent paper napkin with your toes!)
  4. Lack of Content Organisation - Attempting to do too much or too little with your content will not only confuse real visitors leading to poor user experience but the search engine's themselves leading to poor seo results. Content needs to be focused and relevant without spamming and providing poor end user experience
  5. No thought to keywords or keyword phrases - In order to organise your content most effectively it pays to be able to pick only a few relevant main topics or points that each of your website web pages is relevant to
  6. Incorrect keyword choice and optimisation - thoroughly research what people are searching for to find your business or service and not what you yourself would choose to find your business or service
  7. A poorly thought SEO strategy - your own website should always be fully optimised as the first step of any SEO strategy. Is no good doing comprehensive off site SEO only for the search engines to not deem your website as a relevant resource. Ensure you approach SEO steps in the best order for the best results
  8. Only concentrating SEO to the home page - believe it or not their are a number of sites running with highly optimised home pages with the rest of the website a complete SEO oversight. Yes an optimised home page is better than no SEO at all but for best results ensure your whole site is optimised
  9. Black Hat Techniques - whatever you do to attempt to boost your SERP positioning's the one thing to always avoid is anything even remotely connected to our viewed as black hat
  10. Buying template website's or CMS systems - these are inherently bad for SEO in the first place and the old adage of "polishing a turd" springs to mind. The money you initially save will not prove worthwhile in the long term as your spend on marketing and advertising to actually generate the traffic will be way higher than having a well optimised website doing well in the SERP's sending you highly relevant and targeted website visitors for you to convert into sales
  11. Wasting time & money in area's that have no impact - stay on top of the Search Engine's own guidelines. These detail what they want and are the best resource for SEO advice as they are telling you what they want to achieve and what they don't accept. Inbound links is the biggest myth for successful SEO - natural relevant links will help but the majority of inexperienced link building and specialist link building companies do not provide these natural, relevant links!
  12. Trusting a SEO company to deliver - to ensure the very best for your business website ensure you understand the basics, plus exactly what you are paying your money for. There is no ethical short cut and true SEO takes time and time is money - if SEO work is being offered cheaply then the bottom line is it probably isn't being done properly or ethically!
  13. Ignoring DeGal SEO - not taking the time to read through the valuable content we have created here is the biggest SEO pitfall you could make. We have laid bare exactly what you need to do and what we do as an experienced SEO specialist to achieve website success for our clients - we hope you will realise the knowledge that goes into SEO and understand the advantages of outsourcing the work to a professional against trial and error yourself, however if you are just looking for information to go it alone we have provided you a blue print for SEO success within this site

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