SEO Domain Names are web addresses registered purely as part of a search engine optimisation campaign!

Sometimes the best way to ensure maximum traffic for your business
or keywords is through separate unique domain names

SEO Domain Names by DeGal SEO

If you have already read our Domain Name Selection page you will have an idea of the importance of a domain name selection. SEO Domain Names are unique domains registered as part of a search engine optimisation campaign.

There are 2 ways of doing this and to prove their effectiveness we will use this website as the ongoing working example. DeGal SEO was launched as a stand alone website early July 2010 after being incorporated as part of the main site. The main site is highly optimised for SEO and related keywords.

As we are a SEO company based in Southampton, Hampshire we will attempt to secure top rankings for any "Southampton Search Engine Optimisation Company" search engine searches. The first step is to create a stand alone website fully hosted but purely optimised for this particular search term.

We have chosen the website SEO domain name of and created a single page website optimised for this term and then linking back to to send relevant traffic to this website. We are not actively seeking inbound links to this domain as in general inbound links play such a small role in the SEO equation - HOWEVER in probably the most competitive sector every small bit could prove crucial and as such we expect it to be longer before our work pays off...

The site is purely designed to appear for Google Searches for Southampton Search Engine Optimisation Companies. As of 2nd July 2010 the below shows the current Google results for this search ( appear on page 2 for this search)


Southampton Search Engine Optimisation Company results

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the hardest areas to try and gain top search engine rankings as you are competing against other companies that are in your field.

If you are all designing website's to the same high standards and producing your own unique content then without spending a lot of time and effort gaining the top search positions it is extremely hard. We anticipate it could be months or even years before the affects of this can be seen and all we are doing is hosted a single page coded as basically as possible (no styling) to show what can be achieved through designing for SEO.

SEO DOMAIN NAMES - DeGal SEO created our own targeted single page website and hosted to show the results it can achieve”

The second SEO domain name we have registered for this example is

We are purely using this domain to prevent any other Southampton SEO companies from registering it and utilising it. The website automatically forwards to and would be the chosen name if we were to tell people to "check out our website" as it is an easier name to remember for people.

SEO Domain Names Update

Here we will keep you updated with the performance of our own SEO domain name in securing top keyword positioning.

As of January 2011 we have gained page 10 for our stand alone site for our main search term. Interstingly we are now appearing on page 1 for google search term "Southampton SEO Companies" and page 2 for Southampton SEO Company".

Web Domains for SEO

Get the SEO advantage over your competitors

Being one step ahead of your competitors is the easiest way to ensure search engine optimisation success. There is no magic formula or secret way to get those top positions - they can only be achieved through good practice and hard work!

Website domain name selection for SEO purposes is the first step you can take in securing those coveted top natural search results.
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