SEO Best Practices as used by the top Search Engine Optimisation companies to gain high organic search engine results

This is a brief guide to the SEO Techniques your business website
should employ to achieve search engine ranking success

SEO best practices laid bare

SEO experts generally like to keep businesses in the dark when it comes to the actual meat of what they do. DeGal SEO prefer to take a more honest and open approach to our SEO work laying bare exactly what we do.

By placing ourselves in the Search Engine Designers shoes we imagine what we would want our top ranking sites to offer and then ensure we create websites with content and design to suit the search engines needs as well as the site visitors that will then visit the site so that your business website really performs to the task it was designed to.

Below is a SEO checklist that you can quickly refer to as your business website goes through the SEO process.

  • Have a clear idea of what you want your business website to achieve
  • Decide on your keywords and keyword phrases
  • Analise your competitors to ensure appropriate keyword selection and to judge the level of SEO competition you will face
  • Create a blue print SEO strategy that your business can follow. Continually moniter this and be prepared to respond as the SEO industry is dynamic and constantly evolving
  • Select an appropriate domain name and SEO friendly hosting company
  • Organise your site structure to fulfil your website goals and to maximise your business websites SEO potential
  • Code your site via standards compliant, search engine friendly HTML & CSS paying careful attention to meta information, title tags and keyword positioning and density
  • Create focused and unique web content that will be of benefit to the visitors your pages are optimised for
  • Once your site is complete work on obtaining the right inbound, quality links
  • Ensure all other internet based marketing resources and relevant social media platforms are fully exploited to the interests of your business

SEO Techniques

SEO Best Practices - Experience in the complete SEO technique implementation allows DeGal SEO to offer you an unrivalled value for money SEO service that follows the search engines best practices guidelines whilst maximising the marketing ROI of your business website.”


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