Search Engine Submission is not needed as part of your SEO steps

DeGal SEO yet again come out with a statement in complete contradiction
to what many lesser, so called SEO experts recommend

Search Engine Submission is just not needed for SEO purposes

As with any subject if you Google it you will be presented with a wealth of information and advice and unfortunately no way of discerning what is valid and what isn't!

In the early day's of search engines there was a need to submit your website's and any updated pages to them manually for indexing and crawling. However since 2004 major search bots have been designed to automatically crawl the web and pick up website's without the need of the url's being manually submitted.

Search Engine Submission- at best you will waste some time submitting your site, at worst you will violate the search engine's terms of service agreement and result in your site being ignored”

The search engine spiders will automatically crawl through your web following your internal link structure and indexing the pages as it goes. This is one of the reasons to ensure a good link architecture for your website. Once your website is indexed it will be repeatedly crawled to check for changes in content and new web pages without the need for manual search engine submissions.

XML Sitemap's

We explain the role of XML Site maps thoroughly here but basically these are the preferred way of submitting a comprehensive list of all url's within your website plus their relevance to each other. This is the preferred submit method for the Search Engines and Google's Webmaster tool allows you to confirm you are the website owner and to submit a sitemap for consideration.

You can sign in and check when the sitemap has been accepted and downloaded ok. You can then relax in the knowledge Google are aware of your site and will index the pages in their own time.

Are there really 100's of Search Engines to submit to?

The truth of the matter is for UK businesses we can almost categorically claim over 85% of your search engine traffic will come from the Google Search Engine. Google's weight in the search engine world is that big!

Analising the data from our own and clients Google Analytics programs, it clearly show this to be the case. The 2nd best performing search engine for UK businesses is then the Yahoo search engine. Between these two 97% of the search engine traffic is accounted for!

The reason for this is these search engines provide the most relevant results and best user experience - if they didn't people would find other search engines to use! Again any competent search engine has the ability to auto crawl the web and will find any well designed website's given time!

Is there a need to submit a brand new web site and domain name

Again there is a myth that if you have a new website and no external inbound links to your site yet you will need to submit it manually. Again the only thing you need to do for the major engines is create a valid and accurate sitemap and then submit this to the search engines.

Also nowadays there are loads of ways to easily create at least one inbound link - purely by mentioning this on your personal Facebook page (ensure when posting your web address you add http:// before the www. so it is a click able link) puts one backlink to your site and drives your first web traffic.

There is no SEO benefit to being in 1000's of search engines

The truth is being in 1000's of search engines will not help your SERP positioning in the major search engines which is the whole point of SEO work in the first place. Concentrate your time and money on what will improve search ranking for your site. The smaller search engines are highly unlikely to send you much, if any at all, relevant traffic.

Bare in mind any SEO company listing search engine submission as a service is basically fluffing out their SEO service already and if they are offering something which has no SEO impact in their advertising you have to question how well they know SEO in the first place!

Avoid Automated Submission Programs at all costs

If you do insist on submitting manually to the Search Engines then please at least do this yourself! Automated submission program's are frowned on by all the major Search Engines and are even considered spam - not a good start to your website's SEO strategy!

Paid for submission software program's or SEO services promising countless Search Engine Submissions

Even worse than using the Free Submission software is the automated submission program's you actually have to pay for! They promise submission to 100's of search engines that will lead to your site getting top Google Ranking or SERP top 10 results in a short period of time...

Put simply they can't make these promises and submitting a site doesn't result in search engine rankings without it first being search engine friendly and providing relevant content.

Paying for a SEO service that is not even beneficial is the biggest waste of money any business could undertake - yet the thought of your site being in 100's of search engines does appeal to the unaware business owner who doesn't realise in reality getting listed within the major search engines is all that matters. (some of the smaller search engines use results generated my the large engines in the first place so being found in the major search engine negates the need to manually submit to the smaller search engine using the same result database as your site is already in the database!)

Will automated web submission program's get my site banned?

Another web myth is the one that automated submission program use will get your site banned - if this was true you can guarantee a lot of unscrupulous companies would spend all their SEO efforts submitting all their rival web addresses to these auto submit program's just to get everyone else banned.

They are a waste of time but realistically the search engine's will just ignore the auto submit program and the web addresses they submit relying instead in their own ability to find website's - therefore don't waste any of your time or money on auto submitting your website.

Search Engine Submission via Sitemap's

the only search engine submission you need to worry
about is having a valid sitemap for your website

We have a large number of sites we are actively optimising and we stay on top of all information released from the search engines regarding best practices. By all means contact us for examples of our previous SEO work for businesses.

We believe in transparency and happily reveal most of the methods we adhere to when undertaking SEO work within this site. Once you hire us as SEO consultants we will keep you fully informed of all our actions and provide ongoing reports and assistance as required so you can be safe in the knowledge we only utilise white hat methods.

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