What is the p tag <p> and how do i optimise paragraph text within my website

The p tag HTML element indicates normal text content
within your business website

Why use the <p> HTML element

When coding using standards compliant HTML & CSS coding the main bulk of your website text content will be placed in a normal paragraph tag. This is written as <p> and the paragraph text is placed within opening and closing p tags.


The above paragraph content would be displayed via coding <p>Hello</p> within your web pages code - view this pages source and you will see this in line 44 of the coding (as shown in the picture in the right hand text column).

Paragraph Text - The <p> tag will be the most used content tag on your page as it is responsible for defining the main body paragraph text. Ensure this text is relevant to your defined keywords and page description if you want Search Engine Result Page Success”

SEO Friendly Paragraph Text

As explained in full on the optimised page content page the paragraph text you supply must be relevant to your web pages topic and keywords. When writing paragraph text it pays to look at the previous sub heading and then create web page content that explains and expands on this heading text.

p tags <p> with heading tags <h>

Ensure your paragraph text expands on the information given on the preceding <h> heading tag if you want search engine success as by doing this you are creating SEO friendly content and also user relevant content.

Read more information on the heading tags and their role in defining page structure and content for SEO purposes by clicking here

Check your own website's use of Paragraph Tags <p>

Quickly check your own website's use of <p> p tags
to provide relevant SEO friendly paragraph text

If you are unsure what <p> p tags your website is currently using you can quickly and simply check for yourself. By opening up your web page code (there is a guide to viewing a web pages source code on the Keyword analysis page) you can see for yourself if your site is using the <p> HTML Element within your code.

Once you have opened your source in your default text viewer select the save as option and save it to your desktop. Once the file (probably called index.html for a home page source) is saved on your desktop select it to open with whatever web browser you are running.

As the web page is all you have saved, the links to images and external design files will not be correct, you will be able to view easily the content of your web page - can't see anything or not much there, well this is exactly what you are giving as text body content to the search engines to index your site!

The Paragraph Tag in use. See the p tag used to display the hello paragraph in line 44 of this pages coding viewable in the left text column

The above picture shows the coding from this page and one of the uses of the <p> tag within the coding. This particular p tag is used to display the hello paragraph text in line 44 of this pages coding and is viewable in the left text column as the single word hello.

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