On Site Optimisation begins with optimised, unique and relevant page content

The whole goal of the search engines is to provide the most relevant
website's for a searchers query.

Optimised Page Content - Content is the biggest key to SEO Success as everything in search engine optimisation relies ultimately on the content being relevant”

Optimised page content & Search Engines

The long term aim of all search engines is to provide, unbiased relevant search results for all users. By providing the most relevant website's for a users search as a business they are fulfilling the needs of their visitors and ensuring ongoing use and increased users.

Having the most relevant and useful web page content for the search term typed into the search engines should be your goal when it comes to securing the top natural/organic search engine positions.

SERP's (Search engine results page) will reward your site if your content is optimised for the search engine's queries. It is crucial that your relevant and optimised web page content can then be recognised as this by the search engines. This is done by other onsite factors such as

  • Meta Tags - the information you send to the search engines that is not necessarily read by the web page visitor
  • Keyword Repetition - this is ensuring your keyword(s) are found throughout your content. If your web page is optimised this should occur naturally throughout your web page content
  • Heading Tags - This is coding to display titles and headings throughout your site. These titles can be used to summarise the paragraph content and help reflect your page content at a glance
  • Paragraph Text - This will form the main bulk of your web page content. Ensuring your paragraph text is optimised to be relevant and beneficial to visitors is a great start to your website's SEO strategy
  • Alt Tags - Alt tags are used to provide a descriptive definition of your on site images. Search engines can use this information to index your images that otherwise they wouldn't know about
  • Title Tags - These are placed on all <a href=""> links. They again can help search engines (and website visitors) gain an idea of what the link page content will be

How do you optimise page content successfully

The golden rule of website content creation and optimisation is content relevancy. Ensure when creating web page content it fulfills the need of both a website visitor and a search engine spider/crawl bot.

The search engine algorithms are constantly changing to alter how they rank website's but the one constant factor will always be the content on offer. This is how the search engines will retain their customers and business reputation!

Long term content optimisation will lead to your business website success

As search engines are constantly evolving and improving the way they deliver organic/natural search results they will eventually focus on delivering search results they feel will fulfill the searchers queries the best.

Google Analytics demonstrates the ability the search engines have to monitor the way your website is used and using this data to ensure your website meets your users needs is a great way to help ensure your business website occupies those top natural SERP positions.

Delivering optimised website page content to aid the end user experience so that every visitor is satisfied while browser and interacting with your website is a great strategy to focus on. Optimising your page content to ensure visitors needs are met is the very best thing you can do with regards your business website SEO strategy.

SEO Copy Writing

The key to great optimised page content from a
SEO perspective is professional copy writing

  • As business marketing & promotion specialists DeGal are able to offer SEO copy writing from both end user and a search engine views. DeGal SEO create unique, relevant, search engine friendly web content that will also work as advertising copy to ensure your business website's success.
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Contracting DeGal SEO to undertake your web sites SEO work is your guarantee of the very best possible when it comes to optimising your business web site.

We have a large number of sites we are actively optimising and we stay on top of all information released from the search engines regarding best practices. By all means contact us for examples of our previous SEO work for businesses.

We believe in transparency and happily reveal most of the methods we adhere to when undertaking SEO work within this site. Once you hire us as SEO consultants we will keep you fully informed of all our actions and provide ongoing reports and assistance as required so you can be safe in the knowledge we only utilise white hat methods.

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