Search Engine Optimisation starts with accurate Keyword Research!

Web site content is one of the most crucial elements
keywords are the foundation your web page should be built on

Choosing your Keywords to represent your business or service

When it comes to choosing your keywords you have to step out of your shoes and place yourself in your customers shoes. The most important thing with Keyword research is to discover the search terms that people are actually using within the search engines to find the product or service you are offering.

It is all about your product or service core values and not your marketing department spiel. Take the made up example of a new Fence treatment product called Coat It. The tag line is "Protect It, Prolong It, Coat It" and it is described as the revolutionary, easy spray, quick drying, environmentally friendly fence paint.

As great as this all sounds a little bit of research reveals that the terms most likely to be currently used for relevant UK Google searches are
Fence Paint // Wood Stain // Fence Sprayer // Creosote.

For the long term, you would want to establish the brand name "Coat It" as one of the main keywords as once the brand has become established people are then likely to start searching for the product under it's brand name as they will associate it with your product - however short term it would be wise to optimise in the keyword search terms currently being used to get immediate traffic and sales.

An ideal description based on Keyword Research would be "When it comes to Fence Spraying forget Creosote, Coat it Fence paint is a form of wood stain and is the ideal Spray Fence Paint to ensure your Garden Fence is fully protected."

Ensuring on page use of these keywords with matching web page content would help the business website gain traffic and a search engine presence.

KEYWORD RESEARCH -the foundations of your web page that all other content should be built on and around”

Viewing a sites keywords

You may be of the belief that Keywords are a closely guarded secret of each web site and wish you could see your competitors chosen keywords. Here's the good news YOU CAN!

To send the keywords to the search engines a meta tag called keywords is used - this is DeGal SEO Keywords Research page's own keywords tag as included in the meta info

<meta name="keywords" content="Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, keyword, keywords, keyword research, choosing keywords" />

To view this "hidden" information all you need do is select the view source option from your browser and look at the coding! This is as simple as right clicking over a text area of a web page and selecting view source or ctrl+alt+u if you are using the safari browser.

You may have even come across sites that disable the PC right mouse click button with JavaScript to prevent code view or even picture copying - if this is the case then select the page tab in internet explorers bar and select view source from the drop down menu.

Internet Explorer page and view source options

If you do this now to this page you will get the following results and you can view for yourself the result of our own keyword research and other meta tag data - you can read more on all the search engine meta tags by clicking here

DeGal SEO Keyword Research Page Source


A Keyword when it comes to KEYWORDS is Diligence

Spend your time and attention in thoroughly researching and examining the keywords you need to make your business website gain those top natural search engine positions.

Once up and running continually monitor these keywords with ongoing Keyword Research and ensure that any new words or trends are reflected in your companies website as words and search terms are dynamic and constantly changing with society trends.

Trust a company that understands the importance of keyword research and can ensure you have a comprehensive list of all the major keyword search terms you need to be optimising your business website for.


Further Keyword Research

Below are a few free resources you can use when searching
for your chosen keywords if you wish to do this yourself

  • It may seem obvious but the best way to get ideas is to Google keyword search terms you think are appropriate. Once you have got these results look at the keywords the top few sites are optimising themselves. This will give you ideas on what the "top performing" web sites are doing and should provide you with an idea of what to optimise for. Click here to start using the Google UK Search Engine.
  • Google themselves have a free to use Keyword Research tool attached to their pay per click advertising program Google Adwords. You can enter keywords and search terms into the tool and it will return statistics and data on how many times the keyword or search term has been entered into Google's search engine in the previous month both on a global and a local level. Click here to see for yourself the power of the Google Adword Keyword Tool.

Contracting DeGal SEO to undertake your web sites SEO work is your guarantee of the very best possible when it comes to optimising your business web site.

We believe in transparency and happily reveal most of the methods we adhere to when undertaking SEO work and keyword research. Just because you are aware of the ingredients doesn't make you a top chef - the skill is how you use and develop the ingredients so we happily reveal how to research keywords and keyword terms.

Once you have completed your keyword research then please read the following article on keyword density.

Click here for our keyword density article…

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