Keyword repetition and Keyword Density for Search Engine Optimisation - the same thing?

Keyword density is how many times a keyword is repeated
on a web page so both terms are cross applicable.

Repeating Keywords throughout your webpage for SEO

NATURAL Keyword Repitition is something you should ensure occurs naturally throughout your web page. If you have correctly set your Meta Tag Information and are writing targeted content then having your keyword naturally repeat throughout your web page should be something that occurs without you needing to force it in any way.

As mentioned on the optimised page content section unique and useful content is the key to SEO success. Before finalising the page content our recommendation is to read through the text and look at where and how you repeat your keywords on your web page.

Ask yourself the following questions with regards your Keyword Repitition

  • Do all the keyword instances make grammatical sense and read as flowing, natural language so any human reader would not be aware you were repeating certain keywords or keyword phrases
  • Is there anywhere naturally you could add your keyword(s) to expand on what has already been written whilst keeping the content natural
  • Are your keywords mentioned in your main page title, description and sub headings
  • Have you got your keywords mentioned in alt and title tags where appropriate
  • Is your page optimised for just a few Keywords or Keyword phrases

Use the above questions as a Keyword Checklist to whether the amount of on page repetition is good for your websites SEO. This is always a good start to achieving the top natural search engine rankings you are striving for.

Keyword Repetition - An experienced SEO copy writer will naturally look to optimies your page content through naturally writing around instances of keyword repetition”

Keyword Repeating for SEO results

As part of our pro SEO analysis we will look at the main pages within your site and analise your current use of keywords and their density/repetition. From this we can make recommendations for you in ways you could improve your search engine performance.

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Keyword Density

Keyword density is directly related to keyword
so learn about both SEO methods completely

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