Keyword Density is a crucial element of Search Engine Optimisation for your website!

You understand the importance of content with regard website SEO
keyword density is about the correct amount of keywords used naturally

What is keyword density

Keyword density is purely the amount of times a keyword or search phrase is repeated throughout a document. On top of mentioning keywords within your web page content it is also important to pay attention to titles, sub titles and headings.

It makes common sense to expect to find the main keywords throughout the content of your web page in a well SEO'd site. If you are saying page A is all about topic B then you would expect to find mentions of topic B occurring throughout page A.

Many SEO companies do not understand this process and due to previous search engine algorithms not being tweaked to prevent misuse they will continually keyword stuff your website coding with both viewable and un viewable content that repeats keywords in an un-natural pattern.

In the worst cases the keyword tags are at total conflict with the page content and this is like saying page A is about topic B but all the content is actually about topic C - Naturally this will result in your website falling from top natural search positions for topic B and not ranking well for topic C either! If Google or the other engines deem you were trying to "trick" or gain an unfair advantage your website may even be BLACK MARKED and REMOVED FROM THE SEARCH ENGINES INDEX!

In searching the web spot the sites that do this by adding seemingly random words that describe the company of service usually placed right at the bottom of the page in an unordered list in the hope of getting traffic through this keyword stuffing.

Keyword Stuffing Example

The above shows a common example of the type of keyword terms that get added to a website in the hope of driving traffic. These same terms are also usually added to the meta tags and companies charge £100's to do this when the reality is this is 5 minutes worth of work that could actually HARM your SEO performance!

KEYWORD DENSITY - if you are optimising a web page for carefully chosen keywords relevant to the content then you should naturally copy write to include a good natural spread of the keywords and keyword phrases”

What is the correct Keyword Density

There is no hard and fast rule for keyword density when it comes to content writing your website. The main rule to follow is to ensure the text written is unique and grammatically correct, whilst providing substance and use for the web page visitor as this will result in favourable natural search engine positioning as the search engines deem your site useful in relation to the users search.

When designing documents in a text editor such as microsoft word think how much the spelling and grammar checker has improved in recent years. Now think if word processors have the ability to distinguish what is seen as incorrect grammar then the search engines can do exactly the same so if you repeat words in an attempt to increase your keyword density or write non grammatically correct English you run the risk of flagging something within the search engines that says this site is dubious.

Keyword Density Do's and Do Not's


  • Ensure the correct keywords are chosen to represent your page content
  • Reflect this page content in meta info and on page title tags and body text
  • Write naturally and do not repeat information unnecessarily
  • Stay on topic to have an even spread of keyword density throughout the page


  • Have non content reflecting keywords
  • Just add keywords unnaturally throughout your content to ensure keyword density
  • Employ a SEO company without getting some examples of their work and understanding of their techniques
  • Add <h1> tags of Keywords and spam the keywords meta tag just to attempt to secure natural search engine positioning on certain search terms

Keyword Density Resources

Below are a few free resources you can use when
determining your keyword density

  • This article from wikipedia links to a few keyword density tools. The thing to remember with these are they are only based on someone's guess as to the search engines requirements so take the results with a pinch of salt and use common sense and good natural copy writing in the first instance. Click here to read the Wikipedia article on Keyword Density.

Contracting DeGal SEO to undertake your web sites SEO work is your guarantee of the very best possible when it comes to optimising your business web site.

We have a large number of sites we are actively optimising and we stay on top of all information released from the search engines regarding best practices. Keyword density is one small piece of the overall SEO pie and experience and past web performances are the "secret" here, not some mathematical formula of hard and fast keyword density percentage statistic.

We believe in transparency and happily reveal most of the methods we adhere to when undertaking SEO work and keyword density. Just because you are aware of the ingredients doesn't make you a top chef - the skill is how you use and develop the ingredients so we happily reveal how to ensure your keyword density is just right.

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