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DeGal SEO provides full, affordable, Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing for your business web site!

Get your business web site first page, natural search
ranked in all the major search engines.

De Gal SEO is a specialist Search Engine Optimisation company for your business web site marketing

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New Google search results page

Google search results now have more emphasis placed on Google Maps/Place listings appearing above natural search results. Good job we've always utilised the free business listing available - will these new search results help Googlers find more relevant sites though and with the map being fixed top right will ppc listings suffer a reduction in clicks... Also good service now a must as anyone can leave reviews and people could be put off if immediately reading a lot of negatives about a business!


We offer full SEO Services to UK & Worldwide companies aiming for Natural Search Visibility, within the major search engines for your business web site.

NATURAL SEARCH VISIBILITY - having a high ranked, natural. search ranking position in the major search engines - the goal of most companies is Google first page ie top 10 search ranking positioning.”

You may be new to Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is often referred to or you may have a strong understanding already and just need the right company to implement your targeted SEO Strategy to help with Google and the other main search engine natural result listings. A good SEO Strategy is an integral part of any business's Internet Marketing campaign.

Either way welcome to DeGal SEO, a company that purely specialises in providing ethical (White Hat) SEO advice, implementation and strategies for your business or even personal web site, to help achieve good natural search success.

We have a proven client list that is demonstrating first page Google positioning across all optimised keyword search terms for their website and we are also proud to say that in the majority of cases we achieve at least a top 3 natural search ranking on the specified keyword search terms and have managed to do this within months or in the best case yet it only took 1 week for the site to be placed 1st on the chosen keyword search term!

There is no guarantee with SEO only best practices and a thorough understanding of how the world wide web works in conjunction with Google's market position and company direction as the leading search engine provider and search engine of choice for the majority of people today - however by analysing and then optimising your site through ethical "white hat" techniques and to Google's own webmaster guidelines with our unique copy writing internet marketing services we are able to give you the helping hand needed to out position your competitors and gain the top natural search engine position and visibilty you strive for.

For a fraction of the cost of a print based advert you can ensure your on line web site can be found and seen whilst also gaining real time data and analysis of the performance of your web site to ensure ongoing Search Engine placement success and optimal search engine performance in all the major Search Engines including Google.

SEO Questions to ask

We have created these simple 3 questions and if you can't answer yes to all of these (or are relying on someone saying yes for you, as the business owner who hopes this is being done, as you don't fully understand the process and are relying on what you are being told) then we'd recommend you get in touch for an immediate an honest appraisal:

  1. KEYWORD RESEARCH - Prior to designing your web site did you investigate and create a list of words and terms that all potential customers would use in a search engine to find your site?
  2. Are you appearing in the top 10, or more ideally the top 3 natural search results for these keyword terms?
  3. Are you comprehensively monitoring your web site to ensure you understand how, where and what the traffic to your site is doing and responding to this demand to continually tweak and improve your web performance and web goal success?



New for 2010 DeGal SEO are offering
you a free web site analysis

Free basic web site Search Engine Optimisation analysis

A basic Web SEO Analysis for FREE - this will look at your current web site and give you a snap shot of how well optimised for the search engines your site currently is.

This report also includes a brief look at current keyword optimisation and current search engine ranking for these.

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Our popular, professional web site analysis report.
Professional Search Engine Optimisation can lead to massive ROI (return on investment)
- at only £100 this service is crucial!

Free basic web site Search Engine Optimisation analysis

If you are serious about your web site Search Engine Performance then why not select our full report option.

This will look at many aspects of your web sites performance including both on site and off site optimisation factors.

The report will be delivered in "Plain English" enabling anyone to understand the actions that need doing to result in top natural search engine positionings.


De Gal SEO

Natural Search Engine Placement Specialists

Achieving good natural/organic search engine visibility especially Google ranking and top natural listing positioning in the SERP's (Search Engine Result Page) is crucial for business web site success

Trust us as a specialist SEO company to help achieve Google and other search engine front page positioning through ethical "white hat" means only!

Natural Search Visibility - a high natural ranking position in search engines should be the ultimate goal of every business web site!

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