Inbound Link Landing page's are highly optimised web pages specifically optimised for a particular external link to your website

By creating a web page optimised specifically for a particular
external link you can help with the SERP ranking for related keywords

Optimising web pages for specific external links

When your site begins to get external links you can create highly specific and optimised inbound link landing pages. The external links may contain specific keywords or keyword phrases within the link anchor text or title description tag.

By highly matching your landing page to reflect this content the search engines will see the original link, follow it to your site and then decide that the link provides a good resource! Once ranked as a good resource for these keywords and keyword phrases you will begin to see search engine result success.

Inbound Link Landing Page - an optimised web page can really compliment or benefit your marketing strategy for your online presence. It works to provide relevant and quality content for the visitors from the particular link. You may even be responsible for the external link's content and therefore design the landing page yourself to maximise this links traffic”

Over time it pays you to analise the inbound links you are getting for pages within your website and then ensure they stay totally optimised for these links. Sometimes it may be wise to focus your pages optimisation even further and move some of the content to another page if the external links are only providing relevant to part of the landing pages content.

The goal is always to provide the most relevant content and user experience to visitors to your business website. Your sites home page will invariably become the page within your site with the most inbound links so this landing page must always serve the best business marketing purpose if you want to achieve good search engine success.

SEO Targeted Landing Pages

As part of your general business marketing you can create highly targeted landing pages. If you create external SEO Domain Names then these are for a very highly targeted search term or set of keywords. The question to ask yourself is would human web visitors sent from this site benefit from going to your home page or an internal optimised landing page specific for the search term or keyword.

We have created an example of this in action from the example SEO domain name we set up in our SEO domain name information page - if you visit this page then you can see the link taking you to the example optimised inbound link landing page we created within this site specifically to act as an example of targeted inbound link landing pages.

This link landing page can only be accessed via the external site, although as we haven't blocked robots from the page it could still end up being indexed and served as part of a search engines results page for search terms the engines deem relevant to the pages content. See the optimised landing page itself for updates on how it is performing in Google…

Creating an inbound link landing page prior to the external links existing!

A good SEO tactic could be to create the optimised inbound link landing page prior to working on gaining external links to it. An example of this could be a sale period your business is about to have.

Setting up a dedicated sale page first could then allow you to market this page as the destination for all traffic related to the sale and would give people looking for sale bargains the information straight away rather than having to follow a link from say your home page.

With web forwarding you could even create a memorable domain name to use on the external advertising and then forward this domain straight to your dedicated inbound link landing page eg

  • company name is
  • dedicated sale page is
  • this domain is too long for print based advertising or anchor text links in some examples (for SEO purposes this direct link is the best way though!)
  • advertised web address for people looking for the sale product could be
  • This domain would forward straight to the inbound link landing page you've already designed specifically for visitors looking for the sale product

type into the address bar for an example of forwarding as it forwards directly to website

Why worry with SEO landing pages for inbound links

The simple answer is you will always be rewarded for providing relevant content and user experience for real life human visitors and also search engine spiders or bots.

If your landing page is trying to cover the full or general summary of your business and its products or services then it may not be the most relevant page of your site for external links to link to!

Creating specific pages for these external links (assuming they are links where you have an ability to modify the source code either directly or via request) is the best SEO practice you can do to provide optimised web page content for everyone!

How do link landing pages differ from normal page optimisation?

link landing pages are pages designed purely to serve
as the first page from an external link source

Link Landing Pages are pages designed to serve purely as a marketing tool to guide a user to a pre-defined action or goal. Every website should have Goals for what it wants its visitors to achieve from their visit.

A well optimised web page will have a clear call to action or single function associated with a direct or eventual benefit for the business. A good website will condition and groom a prospective client through a sales process to end in an ultimate action.

This very site has the goal of providing valid seo information ending in you the visitor either requesting a free seo analysis, a pro seo analysis, contacting us direct to discuss your companies seo needs or posting or linking to this content as a useful SEO resource.

Our Web Analysis pages have been designed to make sense whether you navigate to them from within this web site or arrive directly at them from external links or web sites - we have the specialist web site set up to get search engine traffic for search term seo analysis. The links from this site go straight to our highly optimised analysis pages with the page goal of providing our seo services.

DeGal SEO have a large number of sites we are actively optimising and we stay on top of all information released from the search engines regarding best practices. By all means contact us for examples of our previous SEO work for businesses.

We believe in transparency and happily reveal most of the methods we adhere to when undertaking SEO work within this site. Once you hire us as SEO consultants we will keep you fully informed of all our actions and provide ongoing reports and assistance as required so you can be safe in the knowledge we only utilise white hat methods.

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