Domain Name selection is crucial in search engine performance!

The choice of your web address for hosting your website
is very crucial in search engine performance

The Golden Rule in choosing your Business Domain Name for SEO purposes

Understanding your business and how you wish to attract customers is paramount to choosing your business domain name. It is all dependent on whether you are selling a brand or a service ultimately. Businesses that have their main service (keyword) as part of their brand name are already at an advantage.

Drawing on our fictional fence paint "Coat It" as the brand becomes established people will start to Google "Coat It" to find suppliers etc. Therefore securing would be a good start.

However to gain traffic in the short term it would be wise to include the main search engine keyword as well (check the keyword page to remind you of this). For this purpose would be a very good domain as it contains both the brand name and the main keyword for targeting search terms.

For stationery and print based advertising you could advertise your web address as as an easily rememberable domain name reflective of your company. This domain should then be set up as a permanent 301 re-direct to tell the search engines this domain's website actually exists at

If Coat It fence paint was only available in Manchester then the company would be better off looking at as the hosted domain

Domain Name Registration Golden Rule - attempt to reflect both your brand and your main service”

Domain Names with Dashes or Underscores

Our personal opinion is to avoid domain names with dashes and underscores. or are both valid examples of domain names yet we have always achieved best results by correctly coding and meta tagging pages hosted without underscores or dashes.

There is no hard or fast rule for why this is the case but our assumption is you are adding extra characters that are unneeded as the search engines are more than clever enough to realise you mean coat it fence painting especially when your meta tags and web content all reflect this as well! These extra characters work to slightly slow things down and as previously said keeping the internet as fast as possible is the goal.

Domain Name endings

Domains can end in different endings. They all start with www. followed by your choice of domain name before ending with a unique .(something) eg .com or even with .(something).(something) eg

These endings are technically called labels and they represent the top level domain. These endings are can either be what's known as generic endings eg .com //.net //.gov // .org // .edu // .mil or country codes top level domains which are geographically based country references eg .uk refers to United Kingdom website's.

For UK based businesses we would always recommend getting the version and hosting your site on this address. You are telling the search engines through your choice of domain name selection that you are a UK based company targeting the UK market so naturally the search engines will tend to display your searches in preference to UK based searchers.

We would also recommend purchasing the .com version of your advertised domain(s) and setting these up as 301 re-directs to your main hosted website. Most internet users in the UK when asked what a web address is will give a as an example or so by securing both these domains you are ensuring if someone remembers your web address but not it's ending, either way they will end up at your site!

Protect your Domain Name emails - a popular scam is for companies is to contact domain owners saying someone has attempted to buy your domain and offering it to you as the legitimate business owner first. Usually these are .cn domains (china based). Ignore these emails and don't worry. As long as you have and .com domains secured the other domains are not worth the money for small to medium businesses - large multi national companies can obviously afford the costs associated with running 100's or even 1000's of domain names for brand protection and our advice to these would be intellectual property rights protection through securing all available domains”

Multiple Domain Names for SEO

In addition to your main website we specialise in creating stand alone domain name website's. that are targeted for specific keywords or keyword terms. These mini sites can be as small as a single page highly specific to a single search.

As long as these sites contain unique content and relevance then they can then be linked to your main site. There is a double edged bonus to this in that your main site receives a highly relevant inbound link and the optimised site will have more chance of achieving the top natural search rankings for the particular keyword search.

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DeGal SEO Domain Name Choice

Ideally we like to be involved in domain name choice
at the start of the businesses web presence

Being involved from the start of your business website creation allows us to fully analise your company and choose the most appropriate domain name for your hosted site.

We can also work in conjunction with you to establish the advertised domain name for your business to use. This domain name will be easy to remember or simply your business name.

If you already have your web presence and just want to work on improving your SEO performance then initially we will investigate your current website's. standing before deciding whether to establish another domain name effectively starting fresh (we would set up a 301 re-direct to transfer any page rank your old site contained) or to carry on optimising your current site with maybe a few specific keyword related domains set up on independent website hosting.
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