Article Submission the new link farming technique?

In the world of SEO the competent SEO companies will always be looking
for the next ethical "best practice" for securing SERP success

What is meant by Article Submission?

Put simply the internet has evolved over the last few years to provide many media portals. Taking into account the search engines target of relevant content article directories have appeared everywhere allowing submitted articles of apparent unique, quality content to be listed.

You only have to look at most SEO companies website's to see article submission listed as one of their services. It is there view that a large number of relevant inbound links will be generated from a well written and optimised article and that high targeted traffic will be generated.

Article Submission- creating an article proving you to be a relevant source of knowledge for a particular subject in the hope of marketing your business as an authoritative source and gaining links and traffic to your own web site”

The theory behind article submission was originally a good one. However like most other off site seo techniques, SEO companies soon found ways to spam and manipulate these resources in the hope of pushing up SERP positioning.

The only way for the major sites to allow for this is to place little, if any relevance to these syndicated content submissions - a good thing if the article is literally picked up by 100's of spam site's where your website link will now sit.

It is for this reason we are sure Article Submission will become as widely avoided as link farm techniques within the Search Engines with regards successful SEO.

Why SEO Companies like to champion Article Submission

Something that requires regular content creation and then hours of submission will certainly keep the average SEO company busy and all at your companies expense when you receive the bill!

Without wishing to insult anyone's intelligence you can see why this may be an angle the less honest SEO companies would like to push as they receive fee's for their totally necessary article submission SEO service... or are just being cynical!

Articles within the Search Engine's Results Pages

Search Engines do not serve duplicate content within the search results as who want's to continually keep reading the same content! With this in mind articles literally appearing everywhere will flag as duplicate and the search engines will pick one of the sources (if any) when it comes to indexing.

They will choose what they view as the most important source if they are going to display the article within search results. What article submission can do is hopefully generate backlink's - however as already discussed this now offers very little SEO benefit and the worry is the search engines viewing these links as a spam attempt purely for SEO. (you are unlikely to be penalised here as otherwise we'd all submit articles on behalf of our rival companies - but it explains why search engines will not give you any benefit either!)

Google for a few businesses or services - the likelyhood of an article containing website appearing in the top few pages of SERP's is very rare - as your SEO goal is for first page top 10 listings is there any relevance in article submission?

By following sound on site optimisation and relevant off site optimisation you are aiming to get your own website top for relevant searches which is how genuine web traffic finds your site (we are guessing you go to Google for your searches and not the likes of Ezine)!

The World Wide Web and Article Directories

For most small to medium businesses your target market is very much UK only and in most cases specific to your UK geographic location. The majority of the better article submission sites are all US based - so again the relevance within the search engines for UK business website's is minimal if at all.

The world wide web has a lot of power but your concern with SEO should be content and relevancy from a search engine perspective. Having an article appear on many US based website's might or might not generate a lot of US traffic - will this result in any sales benefit to your business website?

Article Submission as a paid for service

There really is no need to pay for a SEO expert to submit articles for your business - the best tactic is to create the articles as part of your own website and then use your social media communities to link to this relevant page.

This will generate the targeted traffic to help your business plus it will provide your website with more unique relevant content for search engine indexing and not the search directories that host it - link building is not a strong SEO tactic anymore just an excuse for SEO companies to remain busy and charge you a fortune!

DeGal SEO feel article submission has no role in an effective SEO campaign

it is pretty clear to us there is no ROI for money invested in
article submitting so our advice is focus on other SEO aspects

We have a large number of sites we are actively optimising and we stay on top of all information released from the search engines regarding best practices. By all means contact us for examples of our previous SEO work for businesses.

We believe in transparency and happily reveal most of the methods we adhere to when undertaking SEO work within this site. Once you hire us as SEO consultants we will keep you fully informed of all our actions and provide ongoing reports and assistance as required so you can be safe in the knowledge we only utilise white hat methods.

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