DeGal SEO don't just talk SEO we provide actual results for our clients

All the SEO talk in the world doesn't make a good SEO company. Physical examples and success do! We have and can provide comprehensive case studies for our previous work and will happily recommend you talking to any of our clients for an honest appraisal of our SEO services.

DeGal SEO were created as a separate entity from the Main DeGal brand in 2010

DeGal have been performing marketing & business
promotion for over 10 years now

Search Engine Optimisation as a separate entity from website design

In a company review of the main DeGal brand we decide to create the stand alone DeGal SEO division in 2010. This arm of the main company has it's own objectives of focusing entirely on providing the very best in Search Engine Optimisation.

As part of our focus in providing all businesses with a clear and transparent approach to the SEO process we also have the ability to call on other companies under the DeGal umbrella to utilise cross industry knowledge in marketing, promoting and website design especially targeted to small and medium businesses.

DEGAL SEO - working with you and your business to understand your and your clients needs when it comes to your online website presence to ensure targeted optimisation to drive the most relevant traffic to your business website”

For these reasons DeGal SEO really concern ourselves with providing your business with maximum and totally accountable return on investment for your investment in search engine optimisation.

Good Search Engine Optimisation always starts from a well designed and structured website so this mixture of coding and content is crucial to allowing your business website to maximise it's ROI potential.

DeGal SEO's History in the SEO world

From our marketing and web design we have always focused on creating standards compliant site's. We have never designed website's via table based design or flash programming. As our customer's experienced website success the word soon spread and we took on more and more businesses as clients.

To ensure our website designs always appeared in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP's) we thoroughly read all available literature from the search engines themselves. Staying on top of the webmaster forum's also allow us to stay in touch with the latest thought's and advice for the SEO industry.

The time has now come for us to separate this SEO knowledge as a stand alone business and offer a professional SEO service. This doesn't mean our website design is now less of a service, it's more a case of our SEO service adding even more value to our standard website design service.

DeGal SEO Testimonials

We will being adding some real life testimonial's from our clients very soon...


New for 2010 DeGal SEO are offering
you a free web site analysis

Free basic web site Search Engine Optimisation analysis

A basic Web SEO Analysis for FREE - this will look at your current web site and give you a snap shot of how well optimised for the search engines your site currently is.

This report also includes a brief look at current keyword optimisation and current search engine ranking for these.

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Our popular, professional web site analysis report.
Professional Search Engine Optimisation can lead to massive ROI (return on investment)
- at only £100 this service is crucial!

Free basic web site Search Engine Optimisation analysis

If you are serious about your web site Search Engine Performance then why not select our full report option.

This will look at many aspects of your web sites performance including both on site and off site optimisation factors.

The report will be delivered in "Plain English" enabling anyone to understand the actions that need doing to result in top natural search engine positioning's.


Contracting DeGal SEO to undertake your web sites SEO work is your guarantee of the very best possible when it comes to optimising your business web site.

We believe in transparency and happily reveal most of the methods we adhere to when undertaking SEO work for your business within this website and when undertaking your website optimisation we detail every step we take to you.

Just because you are aware of the ingredients doesn't make you a top chef - the skill is how you use and develop the ingredients so we happily reveal the elements safe in the knowledge it's how you use them that really counts.

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